This is our wine from the vineyards of the new generation of Priorat , coming entirely from vines planted in 2000 at the Simo family estate at La Garranxa in the far east of Priorat at an altitude of 700 m above sea level.

Here we use modern viticulture, the vines are planted on terraces and are supported on wires, but we still work with low yields as has always been the way in Priorat.

The wine is based on grenache, the fruit par excellence of Priorat, supplemented with Syrah, an interesting variety well adapted to this region where it expresses a more fruity, similar to carignan but with more concentration and quality in a vineyard of his age, and finally a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, to bring together the structure.

This wine reflects the terroir,, with a very fresh fruity character resulting from altitude and location, which gives it a particularly wild character, which can be appreciated as one arrives in La Garranxa, while keeping the complexity and character and the typical mineral and spice that characterise Priorat.